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What’s the Impact of Therapy on Successful Second Marriages?

There are many reasons your first marriage ended. There are more possible reasons a marriage might end than we can write here. Ultimately, you made the decision that you were better off apart than together. But what happens when you are ready to dive back into a long-term relationship. Is there anything you can do…

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Why Should You Consider a Prenup before a Second Marriage?

There are a lot of things to consider if you’ve been married before and want to be married again. Something that can protect you in the future is signing a prenuptial agreement. Most people are aware of the concept, but in short, it’s a legal document written before marriage that specifies the ownership of assets…

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The Demographics of Second Marriages and the Indicators of Success

If you’ve been divorced, you understand how terrifying it is to consider a new relationship. Add to that the idea of getting married again and you may be even more hesitant. But there are circumstances where a second marriage can achieve the relationship satisfaction that you were unable to get the first time around. Looking…

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