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What Are Your Responsibilities if You Don’t Have Custody of Your Kids? 

It’s very common in divorce or custody agreements to designate a single custodial parent. But even if you’re the non-custodial parent, that doesn’t mean you no longer have responsibilities to be there for your child. There are challenges you will face, but establishing a co-parenting relationship with your former partner will benefit everyone. You’ll discover…

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Why Consistency in Co-Parenting is Key 

Co-parenting is the shared responsibility for raising your children even after you and your partner have split up. This experience is very beneficial for children who don’t see their parents as adversaries. They learn essential life skills, like cooperation, that will carry them through their development well into adulthood. For the parents, one of the…

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A Word from Scott Shaw: International Child Custody Cases

When is custody decided in Georgia, another state, or in another country?  International child custody cases are things that most attorneys find daunting. They aren’t something that just any attorney can handle. At Shaw Law, we do handle international child custody cases.  The first issue that needs to be addressed in international child custody cases…

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