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Shaw Law Firm PC is well known for handling difficult and complex cases. Our results prove it:

Peterson vs. Peterson, Newton County, Covington, Georgia. Divorce, child custody, winning child custody for Father.
In this case, a stay-at-home mother leaves her husband, taking the child with her, tells her husband that he can see the child every other weekend, accuses her husband of abuse, and takes out a criminal warrant against him. Father, who is our client, consults with several attorneys, none of whom can give him any hope of winning custody of his son under these circumstances. Father then turns to Shaw Law Firm PC.
Case Result: Father ultimately wins primary physical and legal custody of his son and Mother is ordered to pay child support. The Court also awarded Father the marital home and all but 16% of his military retirement pension, even though Mother had asked for 50% of the military pension. The Court denied Mother’s request for Father to pay her attorney’s fees.

Burch vs. Wright, Fulton County, Atlanta, Georgia. Child support, child custody modification, and appeal.
Mother called Shaw Law Firm PC after she had entered into a settlement agreement that was not in her favor while using another attorney. We were retained to review the case and determine if Mother had any options. It became immediately apparent to us that the terms of the settlement agreement were illegal. We filed a motion to set aside the settlement. The trial judge sanctioned us for doing so. We appealed. The appellate court not only ruled that the trial judge was wrong to sanction us, but that the settlement agreement was in fact illegal.
Case Result: After the successful appeal, Mother was awarded the more than $50,000 in back support that her first attorney had negotiated away, the illegal settlement agreement was set aside, and we entered into a settlement that was fair to Mother.

Blinco vs. Blinco, Fulton County, Atlanta, Georgia. Divorce, alimony, property distribution, corporate executive, stock options, 401K and motion for attorney’s fees.
Husband is a corporate executive who committed adultery. After very contentious divorce proceedings, we reached a settlement that provided for a 50/50 division of property between the parties. Wife believed that Husband did not fully disclose his assets and filed a post-divorce motion to set aside the settlement agreement. Wife demanded that Husband pay not only the money for the assets that she alleged were not disclosed, but also penalties and all of her attorney’s fees. Wife also requested that Husband go to jail for his alleged wrongdoing.
Case Result: After a hearing, the trial court denied Wife’s motion and awarded Husband $5,000 in attorney’s fees due to the frivolous nature of Wife’s motion under Georgia law, despite the fact that Husband’s income far outweighed Wife’s income.

McManus vs. Mcmanus, Gwinnett County, Lawrenceville, Georgia. Divorce, family business.
Wife retained Shaw Law Firm PC after a failed attempt by another attorney at handling her divorce. Wife had inherited a family business from her parents. Husband had worked as the President of the business for 20 years and was demanding an enormous settlement for his interest in the business. We brought in the best business valuation specialist we knew and immediately started lining up witnesses regarding husband’s poor management of the business and drug use that contributed to the lack of value in the business.
Case Result: Husband was awarded only $25,000 for his 20 years of service to the business. We calculated the after inflation appreciation of the business, arguing that the remainder of the business value was premarital property. Wife saved her family business, and it is thriving to this day. She also was awarded full custody of her children.

White vs. White, Fulton County, Atlanta, Georgia. Divorce, stock options, corporate executive, international divorce.
Husband is a high-level executive at a major international corporation who receives multiple forms of compensation, from multiple countries, therefore creating an extremely complex matter to deal with in divorce proceedings. Shaw Law Firm PC was retained as the second attorney brought in to try this case when it became obvious that settlement could not be reached. Husband committed adultery during a long-term marriage in which Wife had deferred her career to Husband’s career in order to raise their child, who was now in college. Wife was demanding five million dollars in stock options and other assets, along with close to a million dollars in alimony payments, as well as other demands. Wife’s attorney and a financial expert were counting stock options and other assets multiple times in their proposed valuation, but making it look as if they were not. The key in this case was to be very precise and simplify the complexity of all these assets.
Case Result: Wife was awarded 1/10th of what she had demanded in stock options and only three years of alimony, which was a total victory for Husband.

Smith vs. Greenlees, Coweta County, Newnan, Georgia. Paternity and legitimation case, child custody, father’s rights.
Our client fathered a now-three-year-old daughter and lived with her mother for an extensive period of time. The parties never married and never took any action to legitimate or establish paternity for the child. Mother then moved out of the home, taking the child, and refused to tell Father where they were living, which she had every legal right to do, as Father had not legitimated the child. We gathered witnesses, obtained phone records, made extensive use of private investigators, and discovered that mother was in the prostitution business and living with two people who had been recently arrested for heroin possession.
Case Result: Shaw Law Firm PC obtained an ex parte order awarding custody of the child to Father, despite the fact that the child had not been legitimated. At the custody hearing, Mother denied all of the allegations and accused Father of abuse, but all of the evidence that we had obtained proved otherwise. Father won primary physical and legal custody of his three-year-old daughter.

Mailand vs. Mailand, Henry County, McDonough, Georgia. Child custody modification, appeal, parental alienation, custody election by 14-year-old child, father’s rights
Our client, the father, has primary custody of his 15-year-old son. Mother manipulates the son to demand that he be placed in Mother’s primary care and custody. Son tells the judge that he is electing to be placed in Mother’s custody.
Case Result: The trial judge denied Mother’s request for a child custody modification based upon Son’s custody election and ordered Mother into co-parenting counseling. Mother appealed the case. Father won the case on appeal and retained the custody of his son, despite the 15-year-old child’s demands to be placed in Mother’s custody.

Siskey vs. Siskey, Henry County, McDonough, Georgia. Divorce, child custody, custody election of older child, father’s rights
The parties have a 15-year-old daughter who made a child custody election, demanding at the divorce trial to be put into Mother’s custody.
Case Result: Despite the daughter’s testimony and custody election, the court awarded primary custody of the teenage daughter to Father. We presented sufficient evidence in this case to overcome the child’s custody election and win the case.

Pruitt vs. Pruitt, Paulding County, Dallas, Georgia Divorce, child custody, father’s rights
Father is an active-duty marine sergeant with a three-year-old son. Mother moves to Texas with their son, alleging abuse and bad parenting by Father.
Case Result: Through the use of a private investigator, other discovery techniques, extensive pre-trial strategy, and trial, Father was awarded full physical and legal custody of the son. Father also received more than $4,000 in attorney’s fees from Wife, who had been a stay-at-home mother, as a result of her contemptuous behavior.

Dasher vs. Dasher, Fulton County, Atlanta, Georgia Divorce, executive compensation, stock options, 401K, small business, deferred compensation, adultery, jury trial
Our client, Wife, has one child with Husband, a sales executive for a NASDAQ-listed technology company, who earns close to one million dollars per year. Husband commits adultery and divorce ensues. Shaw Law Firm PC utilizeda vocational expert and an economic expert to ascertain the lost income and earning capacity of Wife, which she sacrificed to support her husband’s career. Wife had made this sacrifice without knowing that Husband had been committing adultery since prior to marriage.
Case Result: After three days of a jury trial, Husband made settlement offer that awarded Wife 75% of the marital assets and six figures per year in alimony for five years, plus child support.

Archambeau vs. Archambeau, Douglas County, Douglasville, Georgia Divorce, executive compensation, stock options, 401K, deferred compensation, adultery, jury trial
Husband, our client, is an executive making around $500,00 per year, has extensive stock options and deferred compensation assets. During a 20-year marriage, Husband committed adultery and in the ensuing divorce proceedings, Wife refused to even make a settlement offer.Wife, who was then age 47, demanded lifetime alimony of 50% of Husband’s income.
Case Result: After two days of jury trial, the jury returned a verdict largely in favor of Husband. The jury awarded Wife three years of alimony at a rate less than 10% of our Husband’s net monthly income. The verdict also divided all marital assets 50/50 based on their actual values, rather than the exaggerated values that Wife’s attorney tried to sell to the jury.

Benfante vs. Benfante, Forsyth County, Cumming, Georgia Divorce and child custody
In this case, Shaw Law Firm PC represented Husband, who was facing a life-and-death situation with his two little boys. Wife, along with her new boyfriend, attempted to abduct the children. We advised our client to take his children and leave the state and stay with relatives. We obtained an emergency custody order for Father and refused anything but supervised visitation for Mother, despite her attorney’s claimsthat she was a victim of abuse.
Case Result: Father won full physical and legal custody of his children; tragically, Wife went on a crime spree with her boyfriend, resulting in them both committing suicide. We believed that the children’s lives were literally saved by how we chose to aggressively handle this case.

Dawson vs. Dawson, Henry County, McDonough, Georgia Divorce, child custody, and father’s rights
Father, our client, shares a six-month-old baby with Wife, who left with the baby and told Father that he could see his son every other weekend, and no more than that. Wife has two other children and is a good mother.
Case Result: We ended up having to try this case twice. At both trials, in front of two different judges, we won physical custody and primary legal custody for Father.

Young vs. Young, Forsyth County, Cumming, Georgia. Divorce, child custody, executive compensation, 401K, deferred compensation, stock options, child support, father’s rights
Husband, our client, is a mid-six-figure sales executive in the medical field. Wife is a stay-at-home mother andsumma cum laude graduate from UGA Against this very intelligent, very passionate, stay at home mother, with our client being a very busy sales executive, who sometimes travels, and who thought he had no chance at custody, we prosecuted his case.
Case Result: Despite the fact that Father had a full-time job which required him to travel sometimes and Mother historically had been a stay-at-home mom, the court awarded him primary physical custody and primary legal custody of the parties’ three children. Wife was ordered to pay child support, and, despite having little income of her own, (she had obtained employment as a self-employed house appraiser during the case), was ordered to pay approximately $14,000 in Father’s attorney’s fees for her abusive and frivolous litigation tactics.

Evans vs. Evans, Fulton County, Atlanta, Georgia Divorce, alimony, appeal, international divorce
Our client, Husband, obtained a divorce in Canada, although he lived in Georgia. No alimony was awarded to Wife in the Canadian divorce, despite the fact that she had alleged domestic abuse and even filed criminal charges against Husband. In order to get alimony, despite the divorce that already had been granted in Canada, Wife filed for divorce in Georgia, demanding that Husband pay her lifetime alimony.
Case Result: Shaw Law Firm PC was able to get the case dismissed at the trial court level; on Wife’s subsequent unsuccessful appeal to the Georgia Supreme Court, Wife was ordered to pay Husband $2,500 in attorney’s fees. This case is another example of a victory for us in the appellate courts and our ability to deal with complex international issues in family law cases.

Since 1995, we've dealt with the most complex and challengingDivorce and Child CustodyDivorce and Child Custodycases in Georgia.

Case Results

  • Fulton County, Atlanta, Georgia

    An example of a victory in the appellate courts and our ability to deal with complex international issues in family law cases.

  • Henry County, McDonough, Georgia

    Two different trials, in front of two different judges, we won physical custody and primary legal custody for client at both.

  • Fulton County, Atlanta, Georgia

    After a successful appeal, client was awarded more than $50,000 in back support that her first attorney had negotiated away, the illegal settlement agreement was set aside, and we entered into a settlement that was fair to client.

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