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I want to change the existing divorce agreements

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Child Support Owed When You've Lost Your Job

When a Motion for a New Trial/Motion to Set Aside Can Help

The Dangers of Voluntarily Paying Expenses in Lieu of Child Support

Financial Changes

Whether you are receiving financial support or providing it, if your financial situation changes, the settlement you are working with could be revised. 

Scott Shaw understands the possibilities and risks in agreement modifications and will give you clear advice.

Behavior Changes

If a change in behavior of your ex-spouse gives you cause for concern regarding your child's safety, a custody agreement modification could become necessary.

Scott Shaw has worked with hundreds of parents to modify custody agreements in a way that benefits the child.

Marital Changes

Cohabitation and remarriage can impact both the financial and custody agreements in place after divorce, for both ex-spouses.

Scott Shaw understands the law and the impact changing relationships can have on existing divorce settlements.  

Five Star Ratings

Threats to Take Son

I was an emotional wreck because my ex had threatened to take my son out of the state against my will. I thought because he was my son's father that he could do it too. Scott informed me of my rights that I did not even know that I had. He immediately sprang into action and got an emergency order from the court. He handled everything quickly and attentively while reassuring me through the process. I really am grateful for all that he did for my son and I. The end result was totally in my favor. I highly recommend him and thank him for his representation.

False Accusations

My wife made false accusation throughout a lengthy divorce and withheld my children from me... brilliant at deposition (where he utterly tore her apart) and exposed her lies with evidence he guided me to gather prior to our case....extremely detail-oriented and knows the law well...[in] the final trial Mr. Shaw was able to counter everything that was thrown at us through ...evidence and facts. Divorce is a difficult change, process and battle but having Mr. Shaw in your corner definitely helps. I can wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Shaw.

What a Relief

It was a relief mentally and emotionally to have an attorney appear on behalf of my son and I that into court prepared and knew the facts of the case and the applicable law and present it all in a coherent fashion. Thank you again! --- William M. 

No B.S. Attitude

Mr. Shaw is one heck of an attorney and his no B.S. attitude is what won me over in the first place. --- Jason P. 

Won Custody of My Kids

Mr. Shaw won custody for me of my little boy and teenage daughter, despite my now ex-wife influencing my daughter to testify at trial and to elect to reside with her, and Mr. Shaw cut through this chafe at trial, through the B.S. and distortions, destroyed my ex’s case, and I have custody of my two kids as a very happy father. --- Mark S. 

Grandparents Win Custody

We would like to thank you for all your hard work in helping us get custody of Brett and Brittany. You are their savior. You helped these two little angels have a stable home for the first time in their little lives. --- Tom & Debra C.

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Five Tips to Take the Fight out of Shared Custody This Summer

After a long school year, summer vacation is coming up soon! We can’t help but feel our kids’ excitement. For us parents, though, summer vacation means work, schedule changes and increased childcare. For divorced parents, that can require extra cooperation and flexibility from all parties. Sharing custody is never easy, but during the summer months,…
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Is Keeping the Peace over the Holidays a Battle with Your Ex-Spouse?

The holiday season is fast approaching and with it comes the excitement and stress of gift buying, decorating, and increased family and social gatherings.  The kids get excited with Halloween and everything ramps up from there! As parents, we can’t help but get excited for our children, even as our workloads increase to deal with…
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Can I Retroactively Modify My Alimony Award?

When alimony is ordered as part of a Georgia divorce, it is not unusual for one ex-spouse to request that the court modify their alimony order at some point in time following the divorce. This request for modification typically results from a significant change in the financial circumstances or income of one or both ex-spouses,…
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What is an Income Deduction Order? Is It Different Than an Income Withholding Order?

Both income deduction orders and income withholding orders are designed to require employers to directly withhold child support and/or alimony payments from a person’s paycheck. Georgia law requires that wage withholding be implemented in family law proceedings involving child or spousal support, unless the court determines that there is good cause not to require such…
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What Do I Do if My Ex Won’t Let Me See My Child?

All too often, a custodial parent refuses to let a child go with the other parent for visitation. This situation can arise for a variety of reasons. For instance, the custodial parent may believe that allowing the child to go for visitation is not in the child’s best interests. The custodial parent may be angry…
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The Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act

The Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act (PKPA) is a federal law that was passed in order to ensure consistency in interstate custody disputes. It also was designed to prevent parents from kidnapping their own children and taking them to other states for the purposes of obtaining a more favorable custody determination. More specifically, the PKPA establishes…
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