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What’s the Impact of Therapy on Successful Second Marriages?

There are many reasons your first marriage ended. There are more possible reasons a marriage might end than we can write here. Ultimately, you made the decision that you were better off apart than together. But what happens when you are ready to dive back into a long-term relationship. Is there anything you can do to make sure your second marriage is more successful than your first? Therapy can have a positive impact on the success of second marriages. Let’s take a closer look. 

Understanding Your First Marriage

If you take a look back and are completely honest, you probably made a lot of mistakes in your first marriage. The truth is, you’ll make a lot of mistakes in your second marriage, too. But by discussing issues with a therapist you can begin to drill down to the mistakes you make frequently and sometimes unconsciously. You’ll learn how to determine better solutions and make healthier relationship choices.  

Getting to the Core of Common Interests

They say opposites attract, but it’s the commonalities that give us a reason to stay. In an engaged and happy marriage, you want to share life experiences with your partner. Finding these common interests will only help strengthen the bond. A therapist can help you explore those concepts, open up about them, and even find things you never imagined could create a bond. 

Expressing Intimacy in Healthy Ways

Therapy can also help you better understand your love languages and how to express intimacy in the marriage beyond the physical. Emotional intimacy and vulnerability are also essential for a healthy marriage, but these things can be difficult to talk about. A trained counselor can help you work through your blocks and understand what you need from your partner. 

Learning Productive Communication 

More than anything, a healthy successful marriage needs to be reliant on productive communication skills. If you struggled with communication in your previous marriage, focusing on it for your second marriage will be essential. You and your new spouse would benefit from a neutral third party to help you work through different communication styles and healthy ways to handle disagreements.