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Scott Shaw

Scott Shaw

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Scott Shaw is the founder and principal of Shaw Law Firm LLC, which he founded in 1995.

Mr. Shaw graduated with honors from law school and holds an MBA from Duke University. He has handled over 1000 cases and the firm has become known for handling the most difficult and complex family law cases.

Mr. Shaw often finds that he is retained by clients as their second or third attorney, because previous attorneys were unsuccessful in achieving the desired results.  Mr. Shaw is proud of his track record in turning such cases around.

When Mr. Shaw is not practicing law, he is raising his twins (a boy and a girl), enjoying The Big Bang Theory, following the Vikings even though their last Super Bowl appearance was in 1977, and struggling mightily with his own tennis game.

Since 1995, we've dealt with the most complex and challengingDivorce and Child CustodyDivorce and Child Custodycases in Georgia.

Case Results

  • Fulton County, Atlanta, Georgia

    An example of a victory in the appellate courts and our ability to deal with complex international issues in family law cases.

  • Henry County, McDonough, Georgia

    Two different trials, in front of two different judges, we won physical custody and primary legal custody for client at both.

  • Fulton County, Atlanta, Georgia

    After a successful appeal, client was awarded more than $50,000 in back support that her first attorney had negotiated away, the illegal settlement agreement was set aside, and we entered into a settlement that was fair to client.

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