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How to Handle False Allegations in Child Custody Cases

Child custody cases can be traumatic enough when all you want is to care for your child. But when false allegations enter the conversation, what can you even do to ensure that you’re given a fair shake? How did you combat these accusations and get to the heart of the matter? The first thing, though easier said than done, is to remain calm. Next, be sure you have an experienced child custody lawyer on your side. Here are a few things you can do to handle a situation where false allegations are made. 

Avoid Losing Your Temper

Feeling frustrated, angry, or otherwise emotional after hearing about false allegations is natural. Lies are infuriating when these accusations revolve around physical or emotional violence or drug and alcohol use. But you must maintain your composure in these situations. Being calm, cool, and collected while working out the next steps will help you maintain composure throughout the circumstances. 

Carefully Plan Your Response

As you plan your response, finding evidence is crucial to help you make a case for yourself. Gather evidence that shows that you’re a good and fit parent so you can present that to the courts. You will also need to talk to your counsel to understand the best way to respond through legal channels, so you don’t say or do the wrong thing at the wrong time 

Don’t Say Anything

You should also avoid responding to the other parent while you’re sorting out the issue. Anything you say or do moving forward can be used against you by the other parent, so it’s best to avoid the conversation. Instead, let them know that this will be handled through the courts. Know that the motivation for this kind of attack is generally formed due to desperation, so staying quiet is your best defense. 

Talk to a Lawyer 

Most importantly, you need to talk to an experienced child custody lawyer who can work with you to present your case fairly. Someone with knowledge of how the courts work and experience handling false allegations in child custody cases can help you prove your side and maintain your right as a parent. 

If this is your experience, now is the time to talk to an experienced family law attorney who can provide you with clarity, answers, and a plan of action moving forward. 

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