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Why a “Bargain” Divorce Isn’t Really a Bargain

Divorce is an unpleasant subject that no one really likes to consider. However, the reality is many of us will face divorce at one point or another in our lives, either personally or indirectly through a close family member or friend. When divorce confronts us, emotions often make it difficult to make the best decisions, even about relatively simple issues like hiring a competent Atlanta divorce lawyer.

All too often, clients retain the Shaw Law Firm, LLC, after the efforts of a previous attorney or their own attempts to represent themselves have failed. Divorce can be an expensive endeavor on a variety of levels. In an effort to cut costs, what is often perceived as the unnecessary expense of a qualified divorce attorney often leads individuals to go with the cheapest attorney or, even worse, no attorney at all. This can lead directly to missed deadlines, unfavorable court orders, and lost opportunities, some of which are difficult or even impossible to fix, even for skilled and knowledgeable divorce attorneys.

Making the mistake of failing to consult an experienced attorney from the very outset of your Georgia divorce case can have disastrous results and can ultimately cost you even more in attorney’s fees. Fixing another attorney’s miscalculations or an unrepresented litigant’s uninformed actions can be more expensive than hiring an experienced Georgia divorce attorney in the first place. Even more importantly, these missteps can cause you to forfeit important legal rights in your divorce case, or damage your case beyond repair.

If you have questions about how best to handle your divorce case, the Shaw Law Firm, LLC, can assist you. We will evaluate your situation and advise you of our proposed strategy for your case. Contact us or call today to learn how Shaw Law can work with you to achieve the best outcome possible for you and your children.

Scott Shaw is founder and principle of Shaw Law Firm LLC, founded in 1995 and dedicated solely to divorce, family law and child custody matters that must be addressed and decided in the state of Georgia. Shaw Law Firm serves the greater Metro Atlanta area, particularly the counties of Fulton, Gwinnett, Cobb, Cherokee, Forsyth, Paulding, Henry, Fayette, Coweta, Newton, Walton, Bartow and Douglas. Schedule a consultation today at 770-594-8309.