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What is a Status Conference in My Georgia Divorce?

Some courts use status conferences in order to track the progress of divorce cases and keep them moving through the court system. Status conferences are a tool not only for the court’s organizational purposes, but also to help encourage the parties to resolve issues in their divorce without resorting to a formal trial. When parties have to come together in court with their attorneys, they often are more likely to work toward a mutually agreed resolution of their case.

For instance, in Fulton County, Georgia, the Fulton County Family Division (FCFD) handles most domestic relations cases so that one court hears all the issues involved in one family’s case. The FCFD sets a 30 Day Status Conference, a 60 Day Status Conference, and a 120 Day Status Conference, all of which refer to the time period that has elapsed since the divorce case was initially filed. The 30 Day Status Conference is designed to allow the parties reach at least temporary agreements as to major issues while the divorce is going on. The parties can reach a final agreement and resolve their divorce at or prior to any of the status conferences. If the parties do not reach an agreement on all issues by the 120 Day Status Conference, the judge will issue an order that sets the case for formal trial proceedings. After each side presents evidence in support of his or her position on a particular issue during the trial, the divorce judge will make a decision on these disputed issues.

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