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What Does a Guardian Ad Litem Do?

In a contested custody or divorce case, a court can appoint a Guardian ad Litem. A Guardian Ad Litem is an attorney appointed to represent the best interests of the child. They investigate and make recommendations to the court about what type of custody and parenting time plan would be best for the children involved.

A court typically only appoints a Guardian Ad Litem in cases in which the parents cannot agree on whom should have primary physical custody of the child, or when one parent has made serious allegations about the other parent’s ability to adequately care for the child.  If a Guardian Ad Litem is involved in your divorce or custody case, you can expect to have a great deal of contact with him or her.  The Guardian Ad Litem will talk to the children, the parents, teachers, daycare providers, counselors, and any other individuals who are regularly involved in your children’s lives.  This can be a lengthy process and one that feels intrusive to many parents.  However, it is essential that a parent cooperate with the Guardian Ad Litem and be as open as possible to his or her requests and questions.

You usually do not get to choose which Guardian Ad Litem is appointed to your case.  The judge simply will select the person whom he or she believes is best-suited to the case.  If you and your child’s other parent cannot agree otherwise, the judge also will determine to what extent each parent will be responsible for paying the Guardian Ad Liter’s hourly rate.

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