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Types of Spousal Support or Alimony

In a Georgia divorce, one spouse may be ordered to pay support to the other in certain limited situations. Alimony or spousal support is a very important issue in a divorce, for both the party who is ordered to pay the support and the party who is receives it. Because Georgia law so strictly defines the circumstances under which spousal support may be paid, it is essential that you educate yourself about spousal support and how it might impact your own divorce case.

There are three different types of spousal support or alimony under Georgia law. First, one spouse may be ordered to pay permanent alimony to the other spouse, both during the divorce proceedings and after the divorce is final. The spouse would be required to continue to make these alimony payments to the other spouse until the paying spouse dies or the spouse receiving the support remarries. Second, a spouse may receive rehabilitative alimony, which typically is ordered for only a relatively short period of time. The goal of this type of alimony is to allow the spouse who is receiving the payments to go back to school, undergo training, or otherwise obtain employment so that he or she can be financially self-sufficient. Finally, a court might order temporary alimony, which lasts only for a short time period, usually while the divorce proceedings are pending.

The type, amount, and duration of any spousal support order in a Georgia divorce depends on many different factors. These considerations include the length of the marriage, the age of the parties, the health of the parties, the parties’ standard of living during their marriage, and the education level and earning capacity of the parties, among others. Therefore, the question of whether spousal support will be ordered in your divorce is very dependent on the facts involved in your case.

Issues related to spousal support or alimony in the context of a divorce can be very complex, lengthy, and ultimately very expensive to all parties involved. If you are facing a divorce and spousal support becomes an issue, you should consult with an Atlanta divorce attorney who has the experience and knowledge to properly advise you. All too often, people don’t fully understand the true costs of the decisions that they make during the divorce process.

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