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Is There Anything Else That I Need to Do After My Divorce is Final?

Once the dust has settled and the judge has signed your divorce decree, you may be tempted to breathe a sigh of relief that you no longer have to deal with your ex-spouse or any of the issues that were dealt with in your divorce. However, it is rarely that simple to resolve all divorce-related issues before the divorce becomes final. On the contrary, there are typically some steps that you should take AFTER your divorce is final in order to wrap things up and take care of loose ends. If you fail to take these steps, you could unwittingly benefit your former spouse in a way that you did not intend should something suddenly happen to you that leaves you incapacitated.

For instance, take care to change the beneficiaries of any life insurance policies and retirement accounts, the provisions of your will, and your designated power of attorney. While you can take these steps prior to your divorce becoming final, you definitely should take care of these items after your divorce is final. The last thing that you probably want to do is leave a substantial retirement account or life insurance proceeds to someone whom you just divorced.

Likewise, change your emergency contacts at work, at your doctor’s office, and anywhere else that you need to do so. Since you are now divorced, you probably no longer want to have your ex be a contact person with respect to your medical conditions or if you became involved in a workplace accident. Take the initiative and change this information before it becomes an issue.

In many cases, there are outstanding legal and financial issues related to your divorce that must be completed even after the divorce is final.

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