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A Word from Scott Shaw: Can Fathers Win Child Custody Cases in the State of Georgia? A Look Back at Our Success

One of the largest impediments for dads winning child custody cases in the State of Georgia is that so many dads believe the system is against them. The perception is that dads very rarely win child custody cases in the State of Georgia.  

I don’t know if this is an accurate statement and I don’t have the general numbers, but I do have our case results: our dad clients can and often do win child custody cases in the State of Georgia.  The system may be rigged against father’s in child custody cases, but exceptional attorneys make a real difference for fathers trying to win custody of their children.

Success in Child Custody Cases 

To confirm this, I took a simple look back over the last year or so and we’ve been busy and remarkably successful. The following is a partial list of cases in which we have won custody of children for dad. This includes either primary custody for dad, which was the majority of the cases, or 50/50 custody for dad. 

What makes this more remarkable is that these were hard cases fought tooth and nail.  For some, no one expected we had a chance of prevailing.  But we did win these child custody cases for fathers:

  • White v. Hill, Jones County 
  • White II v. Mosley, Henry County
  • Foster v. Foster, Cobb County
  • Minter v. Payne, Cherokee County
  • Molina v. Molina, Chattahoochee County
  • Peterson v. Peterson, Newton County
  • Milton v. Reese, Cobb County
  • Tate v. Tate, Cobb County
  • Johnson v. Johnson, Rockdale County
  • Pollard v. Davis, Cobb County
  • Emam vs. Elsayed, Cherokee County
  • Ball v. Harllee, Dekalb County
  • Booth v. Langston, Floyd County
  • Hamilton v. Jordan, Gwinnett County
  • Williams v. Williams, Fulton County
  • Tran v. Tran, Henry County
  • Thomas v. Anderson, Henry County
  • Ross v. Walsh, Fulton County
  • Potter v. Potter, Clayton County
  • Thomas v. Echols, DeKalb County
  • Malik v. Alam, DeKalb County

Fathers Do Win Custody 

Yes, fathers can and do win child custody in the State of Georgia.  They do so even in hotly contested cases that may seem unwinnable at the start.  Getting over the disbelief and the thinking the system is rigged against fathers is one of the most important preliminary hurdles to overcome.  A change in perception can give dads the patience to persevere to get through the hoops it takes to win.

The truth is it can be more difficult for dads to win custody of their children. Dads have to go through more senseless battles, have more patience, behave properly, and generally have better attorneys if they are to win their child custody cases.  

If our record of success proves anything, it demonstrates that even in a system biased against dads, we can work in a child’s best interest and fathers can and do win custody of their children.  We have been doing this for more than twenty years with a track record of proven success in winning child custody cases for dads.  These are often the most challenging of cases to win, but this is what we do.  I am both humbled and proud of our record of success.    

We are Georgia divorce and child custody attorneys. This is all we have done since 1995. We can help. If you need help or have any questions, we would be happy to speak with you via email, text, or phone.