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What You Should You Know About the Hague Convention and Child Custody Cases

In today’s global society and the influence of the Internet on relationships, international child custody cases have been increasingly relevant to Americans. The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction (“the Hague Convention”) is a treaty that affects families involved in international child custody disputes. The reason that lawmakers created and agreed upon the Hague Convention was to ensure the safe and quick return of children to their home countries, so that local courts could resolve child custody issues and disputes between parents.

All too often, a parent who is a citizen of another country takes it upon himself or herself to remove the child from the United States and relocate to a foreign country in order to improperly keep the child from the custody of the other parent. The incidence of these international parental abductions continues to grow. However, if the country in question is party to the Hague Convention, then that country should assist in the return of the child to the United States. This is the type of case in which Shaw Law Firm LLC can help. We have the specialized knowledge and experience with international family law cases that sets us apart from other law firms.

As your attorneys, we can help with locating your child in a foreign country, filing your case in the proper jurisdiction, and advocating on your behalf through all the stages of the process. Not every attorney has the experience to understand and handle the complexities of an international child custody case. We know how to navigate international custody laws, understand how they interface with Georgia child custody law, and also know how difficult these cases can be.

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