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What NOT to Do During a Georgia Custody Case

While all Georgia child custody cases are different, there are some common tips that everyone should follow when involved in a child custody proceeding. In fact, avoiding the following actions and situations can be essential to winning your case:

  • DON’T start a new relationship – or get pregnant. Try to resolve your divorce before you move on to a new relationship. Otherwise, you are likely to create confusion and stress for your children and only make a custody battle more difficult. Your ex will do everything to paint your new significant other in a negative light. Plus, a pregnancy may hold up your divorce altogether, until the child is born and you can prove paternity for the child.
  • Undermine your spouse’s authority with your children. While you may want to divorce your spouse, he or she is still a parent to your children – you are the one who picked him or her out. When you try to undermine your spouse’s authority or talk bad about him or her to your children, you are only encouraging misbehavior and increased stress during a time that is already emotional and difficult for your children.
  • Use your children as an intermediary with your spouse. Your children are not messengers between you and your estranged spouse. Make visitation or holiday arrangements with your spouse, not with your children. Putting them in the middle only puts more stress on your children and forces them to deal with adult issues that they shouldn’t be worrying about.
  • Disregard court orders. Whether you like or agree with a court order or not, you have to follow it. When you fail to follow court orders, you teach your children that it’s okay not to follow the rules, and you risk angering the judge. This will not be helpful to your custody case in the long run.

Engaging in a child custody battle can be a complex process that involves many significant legal, financial, and emotional issues. Therefore, it is best for anyone in this situation to consult with a qualified Georgia child custody lawyer who can guide him or her throughout the process and place him or her in the best position to successfully resolve the case.

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