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How to Handle the Holidays When You are Newly Divorced with Children

Your first round of holidays with your children and without your former spouse can be difficult for all parties involved.  Customary family traditions are no longer an option, and you may struggle to create new traditions that are acceptable for your family.  Fortunately, there are some simple steps that you can follow in order to make the holidays easier for everyone.

First, try to be as flexible as possible.  Handling holiday obligations with extended family is difficult even when a family is intact. Don’t put more stress on your children by arguing with your ex-spouse about holiday arrangements.  If you can’t agree, look to your divorce decree for guidance on how you agreed to or were ordered to handle major holidays.  In the absence of an alternate agreement, you should follow your court order.  Be flexible, make the best of it, and focus on creating new traditions with your children and other loved ones.

Next, don’t allow your children to dictate your holiday plans.  Too many divorced parents put their children in the middle of their conflict by insisting that they choose between family gatherings and their own parents.  This is not a choice that children should have to make; whichever option they choose, they are likely to feel guilty and as if they are betraying the other parent.  Don’t put your children in this position.  Be the adult and make the decisions that are best for your children, whether that means bending what you wanted (but not really needed) for yourself.

Finally, don’t attempt to compete with your ex in an effort to get your children the most expensive presents, plan the best family gatherings, and have the most fun.  Focus on doing the best you can to create new traditions and make memories.  Time with your children is precious; don’t waste time wishing that things were different or that you could plan a better holiday for your children.

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