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How Can I Get Our Child Counseling During Our Divorce?

No matter how resilient a child may be in adapting to new or different circumstances, divorce will still impact your children, even if it is resolved in a completely amicable manner.  As a result, some children may exhibit signs of stress or emotional duress, including sleeping or eating problems, acting sad or depressed, expressing guilt, becoming irrationally fearful of certain things, displaying behavior that is more typical of a younger child, manipulating you and your spouse, or otherwise acting out in an inappropriate or atypical manner.

When going through a divorce, parents may consider whether the child needs to undergo some sort of counseling to help him or her deal with feelings about the divorce.  If parents agree on the issue of counseling for the child, then the court is also likely to agree.  Likewise, if a Guardian Ad Litem, or a neutral third party whom the court appoints to represent the best interest of your child, recommends that the child have counseling, then court most likely will follow that recommendation.  Finally, if one spouse is granted temporary custody of the child during the divorce proceedings, then that spouse likely has the power to obtain counseling for the child, even over the objection of the other spouse.

In rare cases, is it necessary to obtain an Order from the judge to order the children and the parents into counseling, such as in cases involving suspected abuse or parental alienation.

The emotional stress of a divorce affects not only the two spouses, but also any minor children who are involved.  Ensuring that your children are properly cared for during this difficult time is essential. Contact us or call today to learn how Shaw Law can work with you to achieve the best outcome possible for you and your children.

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