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Handling International Child Custody and Divorce Cases in the State of Georgia

In this day and age, it is not uncommon for Americans to meet and have relationships with individuals from other countries worldwide. When military personnel are regularly stationed in other countries and jobs take individuals overseas on a routine basis, relationships quickly grow international in scope. As these relationships, like any other relationships, are not immune from separation and divorce, international child custody issues may arise in divorce cases more often than one might think.

In some cases, you may be facing a spouse who is a national of a foreign country and seeking to take your child overseas. In other cases, you may worry about setting up visitation between your child and your spouse who is now living in a foreign country. Whatever your concern may be, there are often laws in place that can help facilitate a Georgia child custody case, even those with complex international issues. However, if at any time you fear that your estranged spouse will remove your child from the country, you should take immediate action to prevent that action by contacting a qualified lawyer who has knowledge and experience with international family law.

Shaw Law Firm LLC has an active international family law practice and has represented clients with these types of disputes in many different countries. Not only do we represent clients in family law cases with international involvement, but we have successfully teamed up with lawyers in foreign countries when necessary to achieve our clients’ goals.

No matter what your situation, you will need a strong advocate on your side who knows how to achieve your objectives, particularly when there is an international component involved. Working with an experienced Atlanta child custody attorney will make all the difference in your case. Contact us or call today to learn how Shaw Law can work with you to achieve the best outcome possible for you and your children.

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