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Handling High-Income Divorces

If you are embroiled in a high-asset, high-income divorce, you need the assistance of a Georgia divorce lawyer who knows how to most effectively handle the complex issues that often arise from such a case. Whether your divorce case involves a celebrity, professional athlete, entertainer, or high-profile business executive, we have the skills to successfully represent your interests and get your fair share of the wealth.

In a high-asset divorce, the complexity grows due to the necessity of properly valuing substantial amounts of property, thoroughly engaging in the discovery process, and maintaining as much privacy as possible. There are simply special considerations that must be taken into account when dealing with this type of divorce. Whether your goal is protect the substantial assets that you have accumulated or maximize your portion of the assets, the unique nature of high-asset divorce cases require a certain approach and strategy that not all divorce attorneys are capable of providing.

Many different complicated issues can arise in a high-asset divorce. For example, prenuptial or postnuptial agreements are often a factor in high-assets divorces. Steps must be taken to properly classify property as marital property or non-marital property. Proper valuation of assets is essentially, particularly with respect to assets that may have uncertain value, such as stock options, professional practices, and pensions. All of these issues tend to make what is already an emotional and stressful process even more difficult.

Dividing substantial amounts of property and assets in the midst of a divorce is a complex process that involves many tax issues, as well as legal issues. Therefore, it is best for anyone in this situation to consult with a qualified Georgia divorce lawyer who can guide him or her throughout the process.

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