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Child Support Modification for Involuntary Loss of Job

It use to be, to put it bluntly, if you lost your job and your income declined, you were, not to sugar coat it, screwed in Georgia.  This is because by the time the court actually got around to hearing your case 6 to 9 months will have passed and Georgia courts had absolutely no…

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Can I Move Out of State if I Have Custody of My Child?

If you or your spouse has filed for divorce, and there is no current custody order concerning your child, neither of you can remove the child from the state of Georgia without the consent of the other parent. This law remains in effect so long as your divorce is going on. Once you have a…

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Can My Teenager Decide Where He or She Wants to Live?

There is no magic age at which a child has the power to decide where he or she will live when parents are divorced or separated. While the court will take a child’s opinion into account when making a child custody determination, its decision still must be based on the best interest of the child,…

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