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Can I Move in With My Significant Other Before My Divorce is Final?

There is no law in Georgia or anywhere, for that matter, that prohibits you from jumping into a new relationship head-on and moving in with your significant other, even if your divorce isn’t quite final yet. However, depending on the sort of divorce you are facing, as well as the issues on which you and your current spouse disagree, it may be a very foolish decision to do so prior to the final resolution of your divorce.

A good example of when NOT to move in with your new boyfriend or girlfriend is if you are in the midst of a contested custody case. If you and your spouse are actively fighting over custody of your children, then entering into any new relationship, whether you live together or not, may not be the greatest idea. If you are truly involved in a custody battle, every aspect of your life is potentially subject to close scrutiny by the court, by your spouse, and by professionals who may be giving recommendations to the court about your custody case, such as guardians ad litem, psychiatrists, and custody evaluators. Therefore, if your new squeeze has a criminal history, is a sex offender, or is not popular with your children, you may be causing damage to your custody case, or at least giving your spouse ammunition that he or she can use against you. Before committing to a new relationship or changing your living situation, you really should consult with an experienced Georgia divorce lawyer in order to determine whether your plans could hurt your ongoing custody case.

An Atlanta divorce lawyer at Shaw Law Firm can help advise you about the best course of action while your divorce is ongoing, and how a new relationship can impact the outcome of your divorce. Contact us or call today to learn how Shaw Law can work with you to achieve the best outcome possible for you and your children.

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