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About the Firm

As a solo law firm with 20 years of experience exclusively in family law, Scott W. Shaw has impressed clients, judges, and peers with his in-depth legal knowledge and ability to handle some of the most complex, hard-fought divorce and custody cases in the metro Atlanta Area. His no-nonsense attitude and sheer determination have won countless cases for both mothers and fathers. Mr. Shaw looks forward to tackling your complex divorce or custody matter.

Our Approach

As a solo attorney, Scott W. Shaw focuses his entire attention to your case, from the high level strategy to the micro-details that can make or break a case. Mr. Shaw’s hands-on approach allows him to know every aspect of every case, allowing him to litigate or negotiate your complex divorce or custody case with the fullest expertise.

Our Practice Areas

Mr. Shaw handles complex divorce and custody cases as well as International and Interstate divorce cases, high asset cases, paternity, child support, custody modification and related family law matters. Mr. Shaw has an excellent reputation with judges and knows the exact strategy to apply to your exact situation. No two cases are alike and our customized, hands-on approach leads to success through mediation or litigation.

Divorce and family law
If you are considering divorce or have already been served with papers, the process can be daunting and complicated. Whether you have been married a few months or many years, whether you have a large marital estate or more modest assets, there are urgent and long-term decisions to make regarding your finances, property and your children. 
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Family Law
If you are filing for divorce or involved in a custody battle, you will find the dedicated, compassionate and aggressive representation you need at the Shaw Law Firm.  Since 1995, the Shaw Law Firm, LLC, has helped countless individuals and families throughout the Atlanta metro area work through their family law disputes.  We are committed to helping you in a way that best serves the needs of you and your loved ones.  Read more

Resources law
Through our FAQ section, links to popular family law sites and list common terminology, you can find the answers to the most common family law issues and concerns.  And if you can’t find it here, simply contact us and we will be happy to assist. 
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Blogs and articles
Mr. Shaw has written many articles that can help you both understand his approach and his legal knowledge as well as answer many of your pressing questions.  Our helpful blogs are updated regularly with important information and experiences by others in similar situations.
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Atlanta Divorce Lawyer

attorney-imgSince 1995, we have helped clients in the Metro Atlanta area resolve high-conflict family law matters. We are known for taking on the difficult cases and getting results, from victories at trial to unexpectedly favorable settlements for our clients.

Focused Representation for Challenging Cases

Most lawyers do not enjoy, nor thoroughly understand the nuances of practicing in family law, and it shows in their outcomes.  At the Shaw Law Firm, we understand that the stakes are high and the issues are complicated.  We realize that a half-hearted approach or empty posturing does no good.  We help our clients stand strong to both assert and achieve their goals.

Family law is not a sideline to us.  Divorce and child custody are all we do, and we are very good at it.

We represent men and women of all walks of life, in all facets of family law, but we have a reputation for resolving complex and emotionally charged matters such as:

Experienced Advocacy For Your Atlanta Divorce

There is a time and place for litigation and a time and place to settle.  While we always work to resolve your issues in the most efficient way possible, it is a fact that it takes two to settle, making litigation a necessary fact of many complex, emotionally charged divorce or custody cases.   Regardless of the method used to resolve your issues, advocating from a position of strength will always provide the best outcome.

To learn more about the legal services of the Shaw Law Firm, please contact Atlanta Divorce Lawyer Scott Shaw at 770-594-8309 or


Client Testimonials

I did extensive leg-work before selecting representation in this case, you came out on top and I have never regretted that decision. When we were finally forced to appear in court, you surpassed any and all my expectations.
Mike W.